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*Pyramid Practice Pad*

Swiss Kris
(Music Director for John Legend, Run DMC)
Click here: Swiss Kris - Demonstrates the Pyramid Practice Pad


"The Rimriser Trigger combo is genius! It gives me access to any sound, 80's, Kurtz, DSI, Omnisphere, Enzyme, but allows me to integrate and groove it hard with that golden human feel. It really clacks the cross-stick, and pushes my creative envelope. It is with me live, it is with me in the studio. Indispensable!"

Ron Thaler
(7x Grammy & Billboard #1 Drummer and Producer - Alicia Keys, Rob Thomas, Anita Prime, David Guetta, Willie Nelson, JVC Recording Artist)


"The RimRiser helps give rimshotting a distinct, vocal clarity and definition that articulates my rhythmic vocabulary!"

Jonathan Moffett
(Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cameo)

"With RIMRISER I can have a powerful sound on the Rim, a unique and beautiful sound! Also offers me much comfort when I am playing. RIMRISER, simply sensational!!!"

Leo Rodriguez of Brasil

Andres Forero
(Hit Broadway Show “Hamilton”) )
Click here: Andres Forero Website

"The RimRiser gives me that extra crack I need when I cross-stick.
It's way louder and more focused than just using the stock rim.
Super easy to install and looks bad ass on the snare. Every drummer no matter what style needs one on their kit."

Kris Mazzarisi

"I really like to play with RimRiser. Now I have my rim voice!"

Roberto Sallaberry
[Drummer, composer, music producer and author]
Click here: Roberto Sallaberry - Zildjian

"Finally, no more searching for the right drum stick to get the perfect CROSSTICK sound. It always sounds right."

Jerry Marrotta
(Tony Levin, Peter Gabriel)

"Wow... great product. I'm always having to shift around to find the sweet spot and now I don't have to because it's perfect right there... especially in the studio. Usually I have to find the best cross-stick on the track, then cut/copy/paste it through the rest of the track. Not anymore. Moreover, I can smack cross-sticks harder with the raised rim. Great product... thank you so much man. It will get much use!"

Nate Morton
(Drummer for The hit TV series THE VOICE)

"I have used the RimRiser and I love it.
It makes the Latin cross stick patterns come out cleaner and easier. Great idea."

Richie 'Gajate' Garcia
(Diana Ross, Phil Collins)

"Finally, an extended rim that actually sounds and feels like a rim!
RimRiser is a pleasure to play!"

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz
(The "Weird Al" Yankovic Band)

"RimRisers add another dimension to the snare drum,
allowing you now to use the rim melodically."

Bobby Sanabria,
(Latin Legend)

"The RIMRISER gives me that extra snap and clarity in the studio for that perfect crosstick everytime! Great weapon in the studio!!! (:"

Franklin Vanderbilt
(Lenny Kravitz)

"The RimRiser is an excellent alternative to any rim."

Carl Tallarico
(Kiss, Ace Frehely, founder of Factory Sound)

"Wow! I can't believe what a difference my new RimRiser made. This is the best thing to happen to drums since drumsticks. It made rimshots much less fatiguing on my hand and I was able to execute rimshots so much more consistently and powerfully. Thanks so much!"

Scott Tucker
(The Doug Davis Band)
(Cynda Bennett and Against the Grain)

"The RimRiser has helped me enhance side-stick and to explore more on the snare drum. I feel The RimRiser allows drummers to experiment with different colors of sounds. The product is UNSTOPPABLE."

Robin Dimaggio, LA. Session
(Paul Simon, David Bowie)

"I love the "RimRiser"! It has enhanced my cross stick drum sound, allowing me to be more articulate in my playing! Not only is the "Rim RIser" an asset to my signature drum sound. But an asset to the drumming community!"

Bo Swanger
(Professional Independent/Freelance Drummer.)
Click here: Bo Swanger - Home

"When your rim shots count, it rises above everything else. My RimRiser is the truth."

Kevin Lamar
(Asher Roth, Justin Bieber)

"Hi, this is Steven Allen, pro drummer / educator from the jersey shore. I picked up a RimRiser this weekend at namm and I have to say that it is an amazing product. I love the incredible versatility it adds to my snare drum, and whole kit for that matter. I would truly be proud to endorse your product, even with a photo and testimonial on your site. Thanks, Steve"

Steve Allen

"I Recently Endorsed the RimRiser! Makes My Stick Click Sound Sick !:) "

Jovol "Bam' Bam" Bell

"The RimRiser has not only enhanced my cross-stick control, but has increased my creative ideas, and added a uniqueness to my sound."

Wally Gator Watson 
(Duke Ellington Band & Stuff)

RimRiserUSA proudly welcomes Brasil`s top session player Jr. Vargas
Welcome to the family!!

Jr. Vargas

"It gives even those lil snares that crack."

Wardell "Dellphonics" Pearson
(R&B sensation-Vivian Green)

"When cross-sticking, using the rim riser helps me control and get a better grip on the stick which is almost as important as anything when playing on the rim. It is so reliable to hear that warm, crisp snap everytime and with using only half the effort, the rim riser can produce twice the sound if needed. Overall it's just enjoyable to play with!"

Matt Smith
(Winner of "2008 World`s Fastest Drummer" competition.)

"I got the RR this week and it's awesome! I used it last night with this country act I've been playing with and it's killer for the side stick with cutting volume. I know this isn't my typical gig but I was so stoked to get to use it live right away. I'd love to get a couple more at some point if possible for my main few snares so I don't have to take it off all the time. Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you at NAMM most likely!"

Click here: DangoEmpire - Home

See what Alex Gonzalez uses in his drum set.
RimRiser on the snare at 3 o'clock position.

Kevin has played in countless bands that have made their name well known throughout the northeast including The Stolen (as a bassist) who performed at Warped Tour 2013. Some artists that he has shared the stage with include: Fall Out Boy, Mayday Parade, Timeflies, Austin Mahone, Jason Derulo and more! Recently, Kevin had the opportunity to tour internationally (U.S. and Canada) with Jake Miller (eOne Recording Artist) at many clubs and even high attendance festivals like Skate & Surf (formerly known as Bamboozle). Kevin is currently playing drums for Jake Miller and maintaining his schoolwork.

Kevin Smart
(Touring with Jake Miller)
Click here: www.kevinsmartdrums.com

"The RimRiser has great projection.  It adds a whole new element to your snare drum sound."

Brendan Buckley
Click here: www.brendanbuckley.com

Josh Berrios
(Drummers Corner Group)

Mike Sleath
(Shawn Mendes)

Mike Nelson
(Whiz Khalifa)

Jason Pierce
(Our Lady Peace)

RimRiserUSA proudly welcomes Jeff Kozol to our marching Drum Division.
He loves The RimRiser for his kit as well!
"The RimRiser allows more resonance in my rimshots. It's perfect for marching drums because the added volume cuts across the field."

Jeff Kozol
(DCA Champ, DCI Cadets of Bergen County)
See what Jeff has to say about The RimRiser.
Click here: Jeff Kozol demo

Jotan Afanador

PT. 3 Music & Design Presents Jotan Afanador Drum Clinic (Queens NY) 2014 - YouTube.
Click here: Jotan Afanador's demo

Chris Fryar
(Zac Brown Band)

"I have used the RimRiser on gospel, R&B, and a rock/pop show. Every time I used it, it did just what they said it would do!!!
You will never see me without my RimRiser!!!"

Marcus Hunter
(The Four Tops)

Juseph Bullestro
(Don Omar)

Fofi Lancha
(The popular Latin TV series SABADO GIGANTE)

Michael Bellusci
(Strawberry Fields (Beatles tribute band) )
Click here: Michael Bellusci Website

Horacio "el negro" Hernandez

Carlos Palmet

Gregg Potter
(Buddy Rich Big Band)

Kyle Crane
(Daniel Lanois, Crane Like the Bird, Elle King)

Manuel Quintana
(Rachel Yamagata, Robbie Dupree)

Dennis Chambers
(Parliament Funkadelic, Jon Scofield, Santana, Tower of Power)

Mely Baldwin
(Justin Bieber, New Edition)

Pepe Jiminez

Theron Derrick
(The Temptations)

Waldo Madera
(Multi Grammy winning artist, Juanes)

Andy Hull
(Lee Greenwood, Ty Herndon)

Simon Kirk
(Bad Company)

Smok Tagous
(Arrested Development)

Jake Sommers
(Luke Combs)

Travis Barker
(Blink 182)

Miguel Hernandez

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